What Should I Absolutely not to do When Visiting India?

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In general, India is one of the most gorgeous countries on earth with astonishing heritages, wonderful nature, and great-hearted people. As you keep to do things in your diary while visiting India, also there are not to do things which you need to avoid in this country. Here in this piece of content will describe all the possible aspect which you need to avoid while strolling through this nation.

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Luckily, Indians are very soft-hearted toward foreigners who aren't always aware of the custom of Indian culture. Though, to help you escape from embarrassing mistakes, here are certain things not to do in India.

Don't Wear Close-fitting or Skimpy Clothing

Indians accept a very traditional standard of clothing, mainly in rural areas. Western dress like jeans on women is now widespread in major cities. Though, to be decent, you should keep your legs covered. Indians are more attracted towards simplicity and purity hence you should try to dress traditional, with this you can be saved in many circumstances like entrance into holy places and most importantly keep you away from grabbing the eye candies of a crowd

Don't Wear Your Shoes Inside Holy Place

Taking off your shoes is considered good manners in India. So if you are visiting on any holy place or someone’s home, you should take off your shoes. Apart from the temple or mosque, shoes are sometimes also aloof before entering a shop. If you see shoes at entry, it's a good idea to take yours off as well.

Avoid Street Food for the First Time

When you travel for the first time to India, don't eat anything from road sellers, particularly for the main week until your body gets used to the atmosphere and condition. Never, use water anywhere. Purchase sealed bottles.

No sarcasm

Indian’s have an alternate sort of humor. Until they get this, it can be too late and you’ll discover yourself in trouble. Say what you need directly, similar to 5-year-old children did.

Avoid People to Respect Your Personal Space

Congestion and shortage of resources lead to a lot of assertive and pushing in India! If there is a line, people will definitely try and jump it. To stop this from happening, those who are in the line will usually stand so close to each other that they're touching. It can feel discomforting at first, but it's compulsory
to avoid people from cutting in.

Don't Judge the Entire Country

Finally, it's imperative to remember that India is an exceptionally different nation and a place of great diversities. Each state is novel and has its very own way of life, and social standards. What might be true in someplace, may not be the same situation in another part. There is a wide range of various individuals and methods for acting in India. Henceforth, you ought to be mindful so as not to make a judgment about the entire nation based on a single experience.

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